Sunday, August 25, 2013

MMSA collage sheet swap cards

Another swap at MMSA where we must use only the elements on the provided collage sheets. You can cut them up, add doodles and whatever, but no extra collage pieces. I like these challenges where the parameters are quite narrow (altho there's quite a bit to work with on those three sheets).

I printed out two of the pages and went to work, eventually ending up with these three cards. They're all done on plain brown cardboard that comes on either side of CDs that we receive at work regularly. Nothing like a steady supply of free materials that would otherwise go in the trash. And I like the brown background. Reminds me of Kraft paper or brown paper bags.

I made the center one first, then the bottom one, and the top card last, using up many of the words on the collage sheet.

The red hearts on the 3rd card are actually the cut out holes left from the two hearts on the center card. I glued red paper underneath so they'd stand out.

I tried some dangling doodles on the last card and like the idea. Just need to get more inventive with my dangles.


  1. ohhhh like those danglers! We need to figure out another swap...

  2. Fantastic post much fun and to recycle too, well splendid. xox

  3. I am more fascinated by the variety people come up with on these collage sheet swaps than by any other we do! It's just so amazing the variety and generally no repeats! Yours are lovely....

  4. Oh I like those! I may need to do that swap, looks like fun! Love the danglie thingies! Now to just find some time to do some art!