Sunday, August 4, 2013

today's output

Once I got done with the farmer's market, a quick stop by work, a wonderful hour in Barnes & Noble, and a quick shopping spree in Michaels, I came home and made 4 more postcards and an ATC. 
Gelli print phone book page background, stamps, torn book page arrows,
stamped gesso circles, doodles, and a couple words.
The 3 stamped words and the pen nibs have been stamped on this card
for months but then I got stuck on what else to do so it sat.
When I was choosing backgrounds to work on, I saw it and
decided to figure it out.
And I just realized that's Martha Stewart's phrase. Ah, well.

Paint over gesso over cereal box. The strip of color is the edge left over
when I did the packing tape gelli plate thing. Worked good, just haven't
blogged about it yet. The picture is from a cruise brochure.
And I put white circles on everything today.

This is a bathing beauties postcard for the swap on creative souls.
Image and text from the January 7, 1946 issue of LIFE mag.
They used fake tan even back then. But in a black and white magazine,
some of the effectiveness of the ad is lost.

Gel medium transfer of a cabinet card printed onto a
gelli printed book page, then glued to this
gelli print postcard. A few white circles,
a couple postage stamps, an apropos quote.
Love the colors in this one.

This is actually an ATC, 2.5" x 3.5". The creative souls
swap theme was... circles. I kept it simple,
doing some (more) white circles, a few cut from book
pages and a few words.
The background was made using the Vaseline
resist technique and is a bit more interesting
in person than it scanned.


  1. Wow! What a great productive day!
    Did you know Martha Stewart and I share the same birthday (day)? It's a good thing! hahahahaha

  2. Love your work. And saying "a good thing" was around before Martha co-oped it. Thanks for showing us everything -- inspiring.

  3. Yum on that first card, love it, and Jane Mansfield and her dessert tan, LOL xox

  4. I really like your gel medium card - I've yet to try that...somehow it intimidates me. I love how the words show through the transfer....