Thursday, August 1, 2013

outbound mailart

My husband looked at this one and said 'why the ha ha?'
It seems so obvious to me that she's not soft and fluffy.
She looks like the badass radical feminist mamas from the 60s.
To me at least.
Postcards going out in the next few days to private swappers. I get home from work an hour or two earlier than my husband and I use that time to make art. These were last night's production. The gelli print backgrounds were already done. I have a box with a big stack of postcards with backgrounds that are ready for collage or whatever. Makes it real handy to sit down and get a few cards done fairly quickly.

Gel medium transfer of my mom's family from a  1944 Christmas card.
She's at bottom right in the striped top.

Wild and crazy girls at the lake around 1942.
from left - aunt Carolyn, my mom, cousin Barbara, cousin Kaye
(I think)


  1. ohhh very cool Leslie - and yes she looks pretty bad ass to me too! Off to Canada for the weekend to celebrate my dad's birthday....

  2. To me too! LOL
    So I am going to follow your example and do some card backgrounds... gotta do something to get my new open space messy!

  3. oh yeah - not soft and fluffy at all! great cards. need to remember to do gel medium transfers more often!

  4. What a great way to use these fab vintage pics - I'm thinking I'll borrow your idea and make a series using some old family photos too....these are SO cool!