Tuesday, August 20, 2013

purple postcards

Karen at MMSA is back from vacation, which means swaps are going again - yay! First up is purple. Any subject, just so it's mostly purple. I was surprised at how little purple there is in magazines - until I opened an Oprah! mag, that is. She (or maybe her design team) likes purple! I tore out any bit of purple I could find, grabbed some purple background cards, white gel pen, black gel pen, all my purple gel pens and went to work.

See that background? Those sort of rose-looking shapes? You'll never guess what made those marks. Go ahead, guess. Nope. They were made by the cut off stem end of a cabbage, dabbed onto a purple ink pad. A red cabbage from my garden, in fact. Very cool stamp. There are a few on the bottom card also. Reminiscent of the celery heart rose my S.D. friend Julie showed me one time. 

Gelli print background using a floral stencil. Various magazine elements. Love the question. It was part of some article about what 'normal' means and that it's pretty much different for everyone so don't worry if your normal doesn't quite line up with your sister's or your BFF's. It's *your* normal, embrace it! Unless, you know, it's actually weird disguised as normal. But how would you know? So... maybe it *is* normal. Whatever. Whew...

Same background as above. Lots of purple and silver lipstick tubes, some washi tape, some doodling.

A more restrained application of the cabbage roses, more of those purple-nail-polish-fingers (they were a real find!), some washi tape, more of the little bracelets from #2 above, doodles. 


  1. These are great! I'm so glad I read this today - I'd totally spaced the purple cards (a little camping trip and all my art commitments fly right out of my brain!). I'm going home and making mine tonight! Maybe I'll get one of your cool ones with purple fingernails!!!

  2. Never would have guessed the end of a cabbage...not in a million years. How beautiful they all are! Hope I get one of them.