Monday, August 26, 2013

MMSA swap - trees

Just trees, in any way, shape or form. I instantly thought of blown ink cause I think I saw some recently that made me think of trees.

Anyway, while cleaning up the studio yesterday, I came across a partial sheet of watercolor paper. I cut it into two postcard size pcs, then sprayed them with turquoise and blue dyelusions ink. That stuff sure is vibrant. They were laying on the work table when I decided to work on trees, so I got out some sepia acrylic ink, dribbled some along the bottom edge and blew with a straw. I helped it get started by dragging the pointy shaft end of a feather here and there.

What? You've never heard of the special feather technique???

(I only used a feather because it was laying on the table from when I picked it up in the back yard a couple days ago. A toothpick would have done the trick but I didn't have one handy.)

When that was dry, I went back and added more ink along the bottom to make grass bushes undergrowth.

The 3rd one started life as a gelli print with some misc papers and dress pattern tissue collaged onto it. I used Liquitex acrylic ink in turquoise first, then went over some of it with Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Black India ink.

Lettered "trees" onto each card and I'm done. Trying to get a few swaps ahead so that I'm not always mailing on the last possible day. Karen is in Massachusetts, clear across the blasted country, and I suspect she's had to wait for me a time or two. (Sorry, Karen. Today I mailed off purple and Currie's collage cards.)

If you haven't yet joined in any MMSA swaps, you really should give it a go. I pretty much always get good cards back, and, as I've mentioned before, the weekly nature of her swaps keeps me constantly making art.


  1. Love this technique! They look especially great against that background!

  2. GREAT! You're definitely not the only one mailing on the very last fact I've had to email Karen a couple times and say - wait, mine are in the mail! :) I totally missed purple which is unfortunate since it's one of my fave colors, but I'm ready for trees....

  3. Oh, what great trees and vivid backgrounds. Love 'em! Hope I get one in the swap.

  4. love those! and I'm sooo glad to have you as a regular swapper. my mailbox is such a happy place.