Friday, September 27, 2013

day of the dead swap

This one is the top corner of a file folder.
I have to say that the day of the dead wasn't a holiday I paid much attn to in the past. However, this year Karen at MMSA is having a postcard swap on that theme, so when Rhonda came over on Sunday, she brought a huge bag of DOD rubber stamps. LOTS of them. I had no idea it was such a *thing* for some folks. So we made some cards, among other things.

It was one of those weird days when neither of us was especially inspired, so we get started on something, thrash around for a while, then one of us would say, "Ya know, I'm really not feelin this much, think I'll work on something else." So we'd pack up whatever it was we had out and get out the next project.

We ended up not getting anything finished but got several things started which worked out well cause I've gone back and finished them all week. These cards have gelli print backgrounds with stamps and some lettering, and on one of them I drew a sugar skull and colored it in with Copic markers.

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  1. OMG those turned out awesome!!! I have to get working on finishing mine this weekend!