Friday, September 27, 2013

notched journal swap

first one
Another MMSA swap. Those are pretty much all I do any more. I get pretty good stuff back and I like her themes.

These are journals you can make from old greeting cards or decorated papers. You stack them up, cut notches in each end for your binding string to slot into and you're done. 

I used a bunch of my paste papers from that great day in Niles at Maria's studio. The backs of them were plain so I painted them up mostly with watercolors, then cut them into various sizes so that more than just the cover page shows from the front.

second one, front

second one, pages
third one, front

third one, pages


  1. Love the colors in these! I hope I get one!

  2. These are great. Love those extended pages, too!

  3. There were lovely!! Amazing how a few pages can make such a grand statement!

  4. Beautiful!!!! Makes me wish I was in the swap.

  5. Your journals are adorable! I love the colors and mix of patterns that I can see.....maybe I'll get one! :) I loved this swap - so much fun....I felt like the energizer bunny....maybe I'll make one more...okay, only one more....I ended up sending in 4!