Tuesday, September 3, 2013

postal ATCs

Here are the ATCs I got in return for the three I sent in a few weeks ago. Remember - despite the size they appear in this post, these are just 2.5" x 3.5", the size of a regular playing card. Lots of art going on in such a small space, the reason I love ATCs so much. You have to pay attention and get it right to fit everything in - a story, color balance, good scale. These artists all did a good job of that.
Made mostly, if not entirely, from vintage materials, this ATC is lovely.
Good colors, nice balance and scale. Love the old handwriting.
And no surprise, it's made by Pamela of CappuccinoAndArt,
a specialist in postal themed ATCs.
Thanks, Pamela - love it.

This cutie was made by Christie on nice heavy watercolor paper
and features a vintage mailman delivering the mail
right into the lady's hand. Don't get service like that anymore.
The background is painted or gelli printed and
looks like a cloudy sky - very nice!

This serene little piece of art was made by Jan.
I love the colors in this one -
reminds me of a wheat field on a summer's day.
All the different patterns going on - the background paper,
the diamonds, the stamps, the circles - really keeps you looking at it. 


  1. Wow these are pretty cool Leslie!

  2. These are fabulous ATC's
    I just posted one on my BLOG...

  3. Those are all wonderful. I've been leery of doing more MMSA exchanges because of the crap I got in return for work I submitted to two previous calls. I've been thinking of using the themes to make work for myself, little personal challenges, but haven't started yet.
    Have a lovely segue into autumn.

  4. These are delightful...little works of art!

  5. These are delightful...little works of art!
    if you want another postal atc swap check out