Saturday, September 21, 2013

incoming mailart

I'm behind posting incoming art but just scanned a bunch more.
The colors in this are lovely. It's from an MMSA swap where you had to use
only the elements on a provided collage sheet.
Those are always fun cause the cards are all wildly different from one another,
yet all made with the same basic stuff. This one's from Christie J.

This wild thing is from Katie R and it's made from plastic grocery bags fused together.
I don't even know how you do that! Then painted with all sorts runny colors
 and it looks sort of organic. A very cool card from the anything-but-paper MMSA swap.

Another from the anything-but-paper swap, this one's painted onto a piece of clear acrylic.
The sunflower is metallic in person and much more exciting than the scan shows.
Neat idea from I don't know who cause it isn't signed!

A card from the MMSA purple swap, made by Helga.
It's a bit more subdued in person and has every color of purple there is on it.
Love all the different shapes.

This one's from Karen M in thanks for a card she commented on that I went ahead and sent to her.
This card has a lot of interesting marks on it and I've looked at it quite a bit,
 trying to figure how she made them all. I'm not normally much of a primary colors person
but I like this particular card a lot.

This is an ATC from Thealie in France, from an exchange at
This wasn't even the card from the theme, just an extra she sent along.
 Lots of texture and neat colors.


  1. You participate in the coolest swaps L - what a bunch of great pieces!And some really interesting techniques...

  2. I've got a card ready to send you for our mini-exchange -- now I'm thinking it might be too mild-mannered. Although I like it!

  3. the sunflower on the acrylic was from Indigo