Monday, January 13, 2014

flowers in the house

I follow Jane at SmallButCharming, who posts cats, food, gardens, and hosts Flowers In The House, which I have enjoyed in the past but never managed to participate in.

I love the idea and I love flowers in my house, but I'm usually too lazy to pick them and too cheap to buy them. However, at the store yesterday they had an all white bouquet that I couldn't resist. I added in some tea tree from the back yard, stuck in all in a big white jug, and I love it.

The flowers normally live on the kitchen counter since that's where we hang out, but that area isn't real conducive to pretty pictures so I shot them on the little table in the entryway. It gets nice morning light and already has some interesting things on it.

Click thru her link and visit everyone's Flowers In The House!


  1. Welcome to the party! So glad you joined in.

    This is charming, and I love that you have tea tree growing in your yard.

    I had to google it. I know the oil of course but I never thought about its origin.

    Thanks for the lovely flowers and the info!

    xo J

  2. I hear you L! I had made a promise to buy myself flowers on a regular basis but oh my - they are expensive (and rather gaudy in the grocery store will the dyes they add these days). Looking forward to when the Farmers Market is open again to get nice ones (sigh a few weeks yet for that to happen)....lovely pics

  3. So wonderful to have such beautiful flowers in your house.

  4. So pretty...glad you joined the party! Smiles...Susan

  5. I love having flowers in the house...but I've got nowhere to have 'em anymore...:(

  6. You have tea tree in your garden? Lucky you! I actually have never seen one in real life. Your table arrangement is very sweet. You should have flowers there more often.

  7. The small pink flowers are tea tree? Oh, I like them. Very pretty.