Thursday, January 16, 2014

MMSA stamp head ATC

Next up, ATCs with a postage stamp for a head. You can go about this from either side - choose stamps you like, then find bodies they fit, or (I think this is easier) spread all your head stamps out so you can see them, then cruise thru magazines, auditioning stamps as you come to likely bodies.

Neither way is particularly quick and I only had the oomph to do two of them. The 8 card stamp fit the body so perfectly, better than any I've done. You can also lay the body on the stamp instead of stamp-on-body but I don't like to cover up any of the stamp.   First card has a watercolor background, second is a gelli print.


  1. LOVE these!!! But I am happy to know you only had the oomph to do two because i have been working on and off on mine for the week and I feel like screaming. They seem hard to do...and my concept was odd....I'm not sure if people will like mine...but I sure do love yours....

  2. Cool! Now I need to go through my boxes of stamps and find some heads!!