Monday, January 20, 2014

incoming postcards

I got a few great cards in the last week or so. Thanks, ladies!

From Linda G - stamped and painted background , a couple images,
some stitching,some doodles.
 Love the monochromatic feel to this one.
I tried to imagine walking around in a hat like that...

From Rosalie A - this one pushes all my buttons -
 flowers, birds, pink and green.
 Love the music behind the flowers, which I think are a paper napkin.
And she used a dimensional gel pen here and there
so it has some texture that you can't see in the pic. Cool.

From Trula R - a graphic card in lovely jewel tones.
Looks like paint over book text, a look I love, plus some accent stitching.
The circular shapes in the paint with the jagged color changes and stitching
are a good contrast. The colors glow.

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