Tuesday, January 14, 2014

MMSA outgoing horses

I'm trying to get a few swaps ahead cause I'm going to San Diego the last weekend of the month to visit with my old long-time CQ pal Julie. The latest theme is horses and I wanted to be sure not to miss this one as I've been a horse person my whole life, from collecting plastic horses and galloping around on my hands and knees, to riding lessons at 10 years old, thru hunter/jumper competition in my 20s, to trail riding in my 30/40/50s.

When we moved up here from SD, I left behind my horse source, my friend Babs and her wonderful stable of horses. I missed them terribly when we first got up here, but then my hip got so bad that I expect I would have had to quit riding anyway. So I haven't been on a horse since February of 2007, but once acquired, it's an itch you never completely scratch.
Print of cave drawings on gelli print background with stamped word.
I loved this drawing when I first saw it and knew it needed to be on a card.

My hand drawn version of a drawing I saw online.
Love the black on the colorful gelli background.

My hand drawn and painted version of a famous cave painting.
The background is a failed attempt to boil flowers
pressed between sheets of paper, a la Laura Ryan.
See second article on this page.

Goofy yawning magazine horse on a gelli background with
gelli circles all over the place.
This is the oddest of the lot and the one I like the best.


  1. Love the laughing horse especially!

  2. Love your horse cards. Wish you lived near me. Lots of horses.

  3. Okay, these are just FAB! Great use of gelli backgrounds and the horses are SO cool. I couldn't quite figure out what to do with this theme since there's no way in hell I could draw a horse, but once again you've been inspirational. Thanks - I'm getting off my butt tonight and making SOMEthing!

  4. I love each of these for it's own reasons. That fourth one made me laugh out loud when I opened the envelope. I was already in love with your cave drawing, and now that I know about the background I think it's even cooler. You may consider it a failed attempt, but it's a dream background, used perfectly.

  5. That last one with the crazy talking horse is the one I received and I love it!!