Thursday, January 9, 2014

hers and mine

I've been swapping postcards with an artist named Connie Rose for a while now and have accumulated a nice collection of her art. I thought it would be fun to look at a few of what I sent her and what I got in return. We've done many more swaps than this but these are the ones that are scanned and ready to post.

If you're reading this, you like art. Scare up another art friend to swap postcards with. I can't tell you how much fun it is to find one of these in my mailbox a couple times a month!
Ransom Note - first card I sent where all the letters fell off cause
I'm a moron and used a glue stick instead of gel medium. 
Ransom Note - card Connie sent me.
The background is heavily painted and very textural.
Love the pops of red.
Ransom Note - the second card I sent where everything stayed ON!

Round - card I sent Connie, all gelli prints. I immodestly love this one
and almost made another to send but then came to my senses and mailed it off.

Round - card Connie sent me. That's an excellent saying to remember.

White - card I sent Connie. 

White - card Connie sent me. Love this one, the old numbers, the wrapped up books.


  1. Thanks for posting these, Leslie! Geez, I haven't been documenting mine to you -- shame on me!

  2. These are great Leslie - love the white ones! You and I are due me thinks :)

  3. I absolutely love each and every one of these! They are wonderful. You two must have very happy mail boxes.

  4. Such lovely art and wonderful swaps:-)

  5. Such lovely art and wonderful swaps:-)

  6. What a fun collection - and a great idea!