Sunday, January 19, 2014

MMAJRR update!

Mixed Media Art Journal Round Robin. I'm behind posting pics for this, but I just got done with the last one and will mail it home to Terrie on Tuesday. Meanwhile, here are the various spreads I've done since the last post about this. Hmmm... I know I've posted spreads but must not have tagged them correctly. Ah, found them.  Unfortunately I didn't keep track of which ones are whose so just enjoy them. Left side of spread is first, then the right.

Vintage papers collage, gesso, a circular rainbow of stamps,
gel stick edges, a couple quotes.

Scraped paint background, original images from
1924 ladies magazines, a bit of a story.
Sure wish I had some La-Mar Reducing Soap
so I could just wash my fat away...

Painted background, magazines images, doodles.

Painted background, magazine images, doodles.

Vintage paper collage background, various inks,
modeling paste scraped thru stencils,
gel sticks, stamped circles, printed quote.

Watercolor background, gel sticks, vintage postcard flap with
washi tape, magazine image, doodles,
hand carved 'home' stamp.

Underneath the postcard flap, another quote and
the original writing on the postcard.


  1. Hi Leslie! The spread 'all creatures great and small', and the ' We are the world' spread are the ones you did in my journal, they are such a delight! What is also a great delight is seeing all of your spreads and seeing how you made them fit with the person's themes! A really wide spread of styles...what fun this has been, many thanks..!

  2. Leslie, these are wonderful, wonderful pages!

  3. Now this is what I'm talking about! What a great series of pages - each so different yet clearly with your stamp on them. I've been a bit under the weather so will be finishing up my last layout tonight (hopefully). This was SUCH a fun project - would love to do another some time this year.....

  4. Wow L you have been busy these are wonderful

  5. lucky recipients to get your pages! that is the second time I've encountered that "postage stamp" quote today - never heard it before this afternoon, and now here it is again. perhaps I should pay attention!