Monday, June 16, 2014

back yard tour

Our back yard has a large raised bed around one side and halfway across the back. It was full of weeds and weird bushes when we moved in so we gutted it, put in some fruit trees and planted various veggies and herbs. This is our 3rd summer here and the bed has changed  each year. There's another whole half of the yard to the right of all these pics. I'll cover it another day.

This was January 2013. See the Christmas tree laying back there in the center? Also a lot of herbs on the right and a tomato or pepper or something on the left. The fruit trees are dormant, it's raining. Typical January.

This was this morning on our little peach tree that hasn't been in the ground a year yet. It had 5 peaches this year and each of them was huge, gorgeous and delicious. This one is the size of my fist and just beautiful. We'll be eating it on our cereal tomorrow morning.

This was an abortive attempt to photograph the peach but I like the shadows.

A shot of the corner this morning. We planted late so everything is still small altho there are peppers and tomatoes here and there. That's a Meyer lemon in a pot at right, with various potted flowers on stands around it, a little island in all that concrete.
A more straight on view. Peach tree at back left, apricot tree at back right. A better view of the lemon tree island.

And a long shot from the end, standing out in the lawn. Bough the cart for $3 at a yard sale last summer. Got the tubs for free from a trash pile. To the left of this area is a step down, then a covered patio that's just outside our kitchen and family room, so we get a nice view of the yard and garden from the two rooms we use the most. I sprinkle birdseed out here twice a day and really enjoy watching the doves, sparrows, finches and jays who come and peck around.


  1. Lovely - I can see why people like living in CA - the weather allows you to grow all those gardeny things....without moss. Your space is fab and I want to come sit, put my feet up, share a drink and art our time away!

  2. what a nice little oasis. great score on that cart!