Thursday, June 26, 2014


I haven't made a batch of postcards in a while, just for the heck of it, so last night I got a few done after dinner and as a mental bribe to myself before getting up and doing a couple days worth of dishes. Yes, I'm not proud of it but I don't do my dishes every day. My name is Leslie and I always have a sink full of dishes. Not that I truly mind washing dishes - there's just always something more fun to do instead. And for only two people, we generate a lot of dirty dishes.

Anyway, I digress.

These aren't assigned yet, so if one of them grabs you, speak up in the comments and I'll send it your way.
The background is two different deli gelli prints, flowers and words cut from magazines,
some pen work and a little shading with gel sticks.
This was a case of liking the background but being unable to decide what to do next.
I finally tried what I've read that some folks do and that is to just pick up the first thing that catches your eye and glue it down. That's how I ended up with red flowers and orange letters on a turq and lime background.
Not normally something I'd do but I like the finished product.

Background is a telephone book white pages, book text and deli gelli paper.
I've had the man cut out for a while just waiting for inspiration
and this particular background worked for him. Same with the words.
Found them while sifting thru my little box of words and phrases and they just fit.
Some pen work and shading.
Also stamped some circles with black paint and the top of my glue stick.

Background is book text. The stamp of the girl came on an envelope.
Words from my word box, a bit of deli gelli, pen work, shading, circles.
So pretty much the same recipe for all three of these
and yet they're all quite different, which is why mixed media is my fave art form!


  1. Love the purple and yellow and circles. I an really fond of that face, too. I would be delighted to receive it, and will send one back to you!

  2. Great p/c's, Leslie! I sent mail to you yesterday. Have a great day!

  3. The flowers in the first card look positively 3-D on my computer screen!

  4. Fun cards! I'm overdue for a p/c making session myself. Too bad you don't live closer, we could have a play date and just get all sorts of cards made! I manage to mostly stay on top of responding to people who send to me, but I have many others that I'd like to send a random card to now and then and I seem to fall behind on those! Ah well, it'll happen eventually. Or not. :)

  5. These are yummy! Lots more fun than washing dishes !

  6. I'm with you on the dishes L! Yah I need to have a PC moment to and do something artsy also -

  7. Just had a PC making session yesterday; made 8 that I actually like! Maybe I'll send one off to you...