Monday, June 16, 2014

icad 9 thru 14

All collage, all the time with this week's cards. Sad to say, I made 4 of the 6 yesterday. So much for art every day. Sometimes I'm just too whipped by the end of a 9.5 hr day and I just crash on the couch with a book. Then days like yesterday come along, where I spent at least 7 hours making art at the kitchen table, so I guess I don't really need icad to get me to art regularly - I've been in the habit for years now. Still, I'm enjoying using these cards, making these small scenes and finding silly text for them.

June 9 is dress pattern tissue, part of a playing card that already had a hole torn in it for some reason I don't remember, pic of a nerdy guy from an old ad showing thru, test stamps for an arrow stamp I carved a while back, and some book text.
June 10 is all bits pulled from my box of stuff I cut out in the evening in front of the tv.

June 11 is more misc parts pulled together (sort of lol) to make a whole. I'd cut the girl's eye out previously for something else and the cat just seemed to fit there. This is a really odd bunch of stuff and I'm glad to see my mind can do this type of thing. I used to be way too tightly wrapped to make weird collages but I'm getting better at it.
June 12 another oddball. Fish tail left over from postcard for friend, turtles also ended up unused on postcard so ended up here. Vase and sign from cut out box. No rhyme or reason to this one either. #strangeday #minimalist

June 13 didn't intend to make 13 of something for the 13th, but saw circles in my cut outs box and decided to do all circles. Counted them after and had 13. Huh. Couldn't find a big 3 in magazine so cut off one side of a B.
June 14 Lady from 1946 American Home mag, other stuff from who knows where. I kept coming across the "book-of" and "the month" as I was poking thru text box and it looks like she's holding a prototype of an iPad so the text fit.


  1. Impressive! I sometimes double up a day here and there too - sometimes life gets in my way but I don't let it bother me....I just pick up and do what I can, when I can. I love all these quirky little settings - you're very clever with these. I put your AJRR page in the mail today - hope you like it!

  2. I am enjoying seeing these index cards! You are so great at whimsy! I look forward to doing more art together when I get back in July!!

  3. I REALLY like your fun style! GREAT!

  4. Your collages are so much fun! I love art that makes me giggle! And I really love your cards! Thanks for sharing.