Monday, June 23, 2014

icad 16-21

Falling behind a bit but knocked out a few of these this evening. Still having fun with it.

Found this series of shots of this weird guy in a magazine and when I came across the phrase weeks later I knew they were meant for each other. And looking at this now, the pale lips were meant to have 'color envy' for the red lipstick, but it just looks like I screwed up and didn't choose red lips for this collage. Ah, well...
My mother never wore any makeup that I can remember except her red lipstick. I tried it when I was younger and felt I could pull it off when I was all dressed up, but it seemed very conspicuous otherwise. and now I never wear any.

Random magazine images and a phrase that fit.
Gelli print deli paper, dress pattern tissue, used tea bags, and a phrase on vellum.

Kind of a lame one. Wanted to use the elephant but then couldn't really find anything to go with him. <sigh>
A sentence that just needed the right ladies. Found them in an old magazine. Shorthand manual border.


  1. Interesting set...all so different. The first is my favorite.

  2. These are all really wonderful!

  3. The last is my fave - another good batch!

  4. Love 'em all. Where do you find 3x5 dividers like those without something written on them like alphabet or numbers?

  5. Most excellent! You made those after such a busy Monday?

  6. I don't know...I rather like the ice-cream eating elephant.