Monday, June 30, 2014

evolution of an art journal page

I like in-progress posts where I can see how an artist got from a blank sheet of paper to a finish art journal page, so thought I'd do one, because, for some reason or other, I took pics of this one along the way. The background is pale yellow with green smudgey marks from large bubble wrap.

My pages rarely have any meaning, deep or otherwise, and this one is no exception. I do not plumb the depths of my angst nor the heights of my joy when I do these. I simply cut out things that look cool or interest me for some reason, and try to make them into a whole. That said, this page is loosely inspired by an art journal page by Teesha Moore that has a winged figure on it.

Just cutting out likely elements and laying them on the page.
Her body is the upside down top to a large bottle of perfume from a magazine ad.

Rearranged them a bit, added a head piece. No gluing yet.

Changed out the left side scallops and added a building.

Changed out the wings, added 15 cents, and the square right edge.
Glued everything down at this point.

Looked bare at the top so found some more elements.

Added center circle to her head piece. Did a lot of pen work and it's done.
Somewhere along the way I stuck a piece of gluey newspaper
to it and made a mess on her face, head piece and square border. 


  1. So cool! I love step-by-step posts! Thanks for taking the time to do one.
    (and I'm jealous of your doodle ability. it really makes the page!)

  2. Love the finished page...just awesome!

  3. I like seeing process pics too - this is very clear and I see the reference to Teesha. Interesting - like you I rarely work from deep emotion or with any hidden meanings or deep anything in my's just art that pleases me.

  4. what fun. It's amazing how the pen work totally transforms the piece. I keep flipping between the last two pictures and marveling.