Sunday, May 26, 2013

artist date with Rhonda (and Roben-Marie)

Rhonda came over for the day and we made art!

Roben-Marie inspired art, to be specific.

I've long admired her style - the countless layers, the colors, the shapes, the doodles - but it's not a style that comes naturally to me. At all.

So we sat down at the computer, dialed up Roben-Marie's blog, studied several of her pieces closely, then proceeded to do our own take on her unique style. These are on 9"x12" watercolor paper.

Very fun. It wasn't a quick process and it looked like a bomb went off in my studio by the time we were done rampaging thru all my stuff looking for just the right stamp/stencil/ink/marker etc, but it was a lot of fun and I really like my pages.

I like the bottom one best overall but there are parts of the top one that I love, such as the flower on the right edge. Looking at it on my screen as I type, it looks dimensional. Also like the 3 circles along the left side.

The bottom one is more in my color comfort zone and I like that the chevrons are in smaller chunks and that the white scallops turn corners.

Next time I'll pay more attn to doing things in threes than I did this time. It's bugging me now, looking at some of the elements that I only did twice (lookin at YOU, red circles).

Also don't like that my big curve sorta looks like it's supposed to be a stem for the flower (it isn't) but that I missed getting it lined up lol.

 Anyway, tons of fun. Thanks, Rhonda!


  1. Thanks to YOU Leslie for playing! I had a blast (as always) and am already looking forward to next time! I also like the bottom one best but there are elements from both that are really appealing! And yes, they would make awesome post cards! Now I want to make more today! LOL