Monday, May 6, 2013

using up those old photos...

A couple more journal pages from this afternoon. I rearranged my studio over the last week and was tired of cleaning, so I sat down and made a couple more journal pages using photos I've been dragging around forever. These are 5.5" wide by 8" tall.

The first one is my mom on a horse she owned when she was 18 or 20, so this is from about 1940-42. In looking at it more closely, I see that she inadvertently caught a rein when she did up the throat latch. Way to tack up, mom. God knows what the horse thought or how she was able to steer and stop him with only one fully functioning rein. Maybe they just went in circles, like a boat with one oar. 

Background is several layers of gelli printing. Then I stamped the diamonds, gessoed some circles, a la Roben-Marie, added some black Neocolor II around them and smeared it a bit. Sprayed some Fired Brick ink thru sequin waste (and all over my left index finger), then added a couple strips of gelli print and some text from that large-print book I bought, but ended up having to read before I could cut it up.

The next one I took in Munich Germany in Sept 2005, during the 3.5 days I was there. I finally got sorta adjusted to the time just as I headed to the airport to fly back home. Crazy. I was there to exhibit at a huge international motorcycle show, but finagled one afternoon to wander around.

This guy was ahead of me on the sidewalk, on a street where every other shop sold black leather bustiers and studded dog collars (for people). Dominatrix Row. Very weird.

Gelli background, more circles (apparently channeling Roben-Marie today), more Neocolor II (this time in red to pick up the red on the street barricades in the image) and some bits of red gelli print. More text from another large-print book. They're the best for things larger than an ATC.

Anyway, two more photos down, about 9000 to go.


  1. Looking good! I can see you taking to Roben-Marie's style vrey easily! It's addicting! Love the complexity of your layers!

  2. These are great L - I have boxes(literally) of old photos I should use up - if only I had the time LOL...J