Sunday, May 12, 2013

chevron postcards

Playing along for the first time at Sunday Postcard Art. I've been meaning to but just haven't gotten to it till now.

The theme this week is chevrons and I didn't have any chevron stamps so I dug out an eraser that I bought a bunch of at 25 cents each someplace or other. It's oval and I didn't bother squaring it up so my chevrons are sort of over-all egg shaped.

Gelli print backgrounds (no! really?? sorry, it's all I can do lately) on cereal boxes.

Cat in a Tub has a pic of a couple of my cats through the years - Jack and Chili, long gone now - sitting in the tub. Play play play is cut from a digital collage that I printed out, and the chevrons are the stamp.

The dog is from a magazine somewhere along the way - just loved his expression and his coloring worked perfectly for this card.

I stamped the chevrons on a page from a foreign language (Hindu? Pakistani? love the curly alpha) book. Dabbed some black, then white, paint thru sequin waste.

Doodled a bit with a turquoise marker and a white gel pen. Rounded the corners simply because I found the corner rounder punch under a pile while cleaning up this morning.

Chevrons are cool and I like both cards. They'll go off to unsuspecting people on MMSA's casual swap list.


  1. Both of these are wonderful collages! The cats are beautiful, and the dog does have a great expression. Also, thank you for your kind comments on my blog. You made a good point about challenges are meant to be just that: challenging. :-)

  2. Cool carvings... who says chevrons have to be squared anyway?!

  3. I really like these two chevron postcards and love reading about your process, how much more interesting it makes the finished piece. I'm still fighting off the Gelli plates, what good results you are getting here.

  4. Really cool - love the doggie one :-)

    1. Send me your addy (email to maugreall at gmail dot com - I'll send you the doggie postcard!

  5. I've seen other tea-bag this one...and wonder if you mean a used tea bag? What exactly is it...??