Tuesday, May 21, 2013

attention, class!

A few months ago, I was paging thru the online arts program that our performing arts theater runs and when I got to the back, I noticed the application for teachers for the summer session.

Since I've been trying with no luck to find art journaling buddies in this town for years, I thought, "Hmmm, maybe I could create some instead."

So I filled out the application, and wa-la, my 6 week session of Art Journaling 101 begins in the middle of July and runs thru August.

When I lived in San Diego, I taught silk ribbon embroidery at Michaels for a few years, taught crazy quilting to my entire quilt guild (of 80 women, all in one epic day), and informally taught all sorts of things over the years to friends and small groups. Teaching is something I enjoy and am good at, if the resulting exit reviews are anything to go by.

So I've been mulling over the sequence of class events in my head for a while and am about to make up samples showing the various stages of what we'll be doing. Page backgrounds, pamphlet binding, journaling subjects/themes, various lettering styles. Then I'll go thru the whole class step by step in my studio one afternoon, making notes and filling in where I forgot a step or two.

Which is all for naught, because in actual class, the whole thing goes out the window and you go with the flow. At least that's what I've discovered. A student will ask a question that sends you off on an entirely different tangent and away you go. But that's ok. Life just works like that. I'll showcase student work here as class progresses.

Assuming anyone signs up LOL.


  1. Crap Leslie - that is an awful long drive for me for an evening class! If you need anyone to "proof" your class material I'm your girl LOL....

  2. I told her that too Jewels... LOL
    You can use me as a class guinea pig on Sunday Leslie!

  3. You go girl. Sounds like alot of fun. This could be the start of something BIG.xoxo bb