Sunday, May 12, 2013

outgoing postcards

One to Terrie, often a swap partner in the MMSA swaps, in exchange for one of her very cool dangling doodles cards, which hasn't arrived yet but will any moment.

As previously mentioned, I'm using up old photos so I grabbed one of me partway up a palm tree in Florida around 1955. Background is a gelli print, collaged with old journal paper, book pages, and dress pattern, then rollered with this silly little stamp I found somewhere that I hardly ever use cause it takes like 3 days to dry.

The next one is to my cousin Dea in Ohio. It's from a 1991 newspaper clipping that I've been hauling around for 22 YEARS! She was being given an award. Gelli background, collaged with gellied papers, doodled with gel pen.

Love the bouffont pageboy, Dea.

Third one is going to as yet unknown recipient (if you'd like it to show up in your mailbox, leave a comment saying so and I'll draw a name next Sunday).

Not sure who/what I was channeling here. Old photo of small boy sticking his tongue out, the perfect caption from my box of bits, misc papers, orange feather from my African red-bellied parrot Winston, a whole lot of crazy free-motion stitching.

This last one is for Mandarin Orange Mondays.


  1. Hah! I should have known you were a tree climber too! Very cute photo! Love the gelli prints behind the collages!

  2. Thank you for your SPA entry! beautiful...

  3. These are fab! I love the ker-razy stitching.

  4. Love all your post cards and appreciate how you explain what you did. Would love to receive the silly boy post card and will gladly send you one in return. cabjuhasz(at)gmail(dot)com