Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DIY foam stamps

Thanks to Terrie's post, I got fired up and made some foam stamps. Waaay quicker than carving, altho you can't get the finer detail that you can with harder material and a blade, Still, they're quite fun and will see some use.

For a sense of scale, the bird is about 1 1/4" tall. I had no idea how Terrie had gotten the feather and eye details on her bird, but I drew them in kind of firmly with a ball point pen and it left just enough indentation.

I like scallop borders and made the one at the bottom first. It's fine but a bit heavy and dark. It's difficult to cut out small interior areas, so I knew I'd make a mess of trying to cut out the insides of each scallop. Then I got smarter and made the one at top right. I cut a U several times into a strip of foam, then added just a straight piece for the base. I made no attempt to have the scallops connect with the base and like how airy it is.

The little black dots were make by dumping out the 1/8" punch I'd been using to make all those small holes in other stamps and using the teeny weeny punched out part. Very futzy to pick up an 1/8" circle of foam, remove the paper backing, then stick it inside a fairly small loop.

Thanks for the motivation, Terrie!


  1. These look GREAT! You guessed exactly right, I put in details with a pen or similar (I see your bird has feet, okay, maybe I'll redo mine). I really like your dotty one, but I don't have anything that cuts that small, so I'll have to come up with plan B. Most excellent (and easy) fun!

  2. I love making foam stamps. Yours are terrific!

  3. Nice. I really like your stamps.