Thursday, April 3, 2014

MMSA found poetry

I enjoy doing found poetry when I'm in the mood. For this one, you could either cut out words, as I did, or use a page from a book and black out all but the words you want to show as your poetry. I find that pretty difficult, so I did it the easy way and made nonsense haiku.

All the words and phrases are from a large print book I bought solely for the larger type, but then ended up reading and loving, and then reading a few more by the same author. It was Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson, a British writer. She definitely has a unique quirky style and some reviewers didn't care for it at all but I found her delightful. I also read Case Histories and Behind the Scenes At The Museum. Need to find a couple more.

The first one is a paste paper background, the second is watercolor, and the third gelli print. Didn't especially mean to use such varied backgrounds but they're what appealed to me when I flipped thru my pile of ready-to-go-background postcards.


  1. Love the "heart of lard"! (and ballet dancer too!)
    I'm reading Life After Life by Kate Atkinson...not sure about it yet, but there's another one of hers you can try.

  2. oh yes - "heart of lard" is a fabulous phrase. I love the absurdity of that first poem.

  3. Great work, all these posts! You're on a roll!

  4. These are amazing - I'm a little intimidated by this theme but committed to give it a try. You're an inspiration.