Tuesday, April 8, 2014

from Linda G

Somewhere along the mail art trail I crossed paths with Linda Gibbons and we've been very informally swapping postcards back and forth for a while now. These are two recent ones from her. Thanks, Linda and I'm sure I owe you one now so it'll be going out this week!

The three images are packing tape transfers over a painted background. I love transfers cause the transparency of them allows the background to lend its own color and texture to the transferred image. I really like the minimalist black of the drawings made all the more insubstantial by being transfers.

Another neat painted background with a collaged image in the same colors. I like how the woman is easily visible but very much in tune with the paint scheme. Both cards have stitching which adds to their appeal. 


  1. What fun postcards these are. Would love to see a post on how to make these. Have you done one. Lots of fun to exchange these

  2. Glad you liked them, Leslie. I am enamoured with packing tape, both magazine transfers and using it on the gelli plate to create top layers that are both painted and transparent. I can't stop!

  3. I swap with Linda sometimes too and always enjoy her creativity. I think I owe her one as well. These are great and I've never tried a tape transfer....maybe it's time....