Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MMSA the letter S

Postcards needed to portray at least 10 items that started with the letter S. Interesting swap but not one of my favorites because you had so many oddball images that it was tough to make a cohesive, pleasing card with them. All part of the challenge, I suppose.

I paged thru magazines, naming each item on the page by as many names as I could think of trying to find ones that started with S. Rhonda was here and we'd look at a page of a beach scene. I'd say "water" and "ocean". She'd say "sea" and "sand". How differently our minds work.

skull (background), sockets (eye), shutters, sheep, stamp, squares,
shrub, suitcase, statue, silverware, spectacles, scallop border

swatches (background), stars, stripes, swan, statue,
sailboat, sea, skyline, soldier, sisters


  1. I found this one really challenging too and gave up some of the composition portion in favor of meeting the 10 's' portion. I found that much of the stuff I cut out was too big and by the time I layered stuff over it, you couldn't tell what it was - so back to the books. My magazines are primarily home decor and not filled with many 's' items, so I used my stash of for-collage books.

  2. Ooh, I like this letter idea. Pick one for our next (after contrast color) swap. And then let's do a map p/c swap. Hope you're having a great week.

  3. Oops! I did this swap, but obviously failed to read ALL the instructions. I only had nine S's on my collage...hopefully I'll be forgiven. ;)

  4. somebody ought to slap the MMSA hostess in the head for making you guys put 10 things on the card. What was I thinking? In a different version of the swap I suggested 6 items. I may have published the wrong draft. Regardless, I like the way you've risen to the challenge!