Sunday, April 27, 2014

RR folio for Peggy

Four of us are doing a round robin (RR) where we make one another one folio on whatever theme we've each chosen. Peggy's theme was Nature, which is wide open to all sorts of interpretations. It took me a while to get going on this but I just left it out on my art table and it came about over a week or so.
Front page - used a bunch of stamps (thanks, Rhonda!) that featured animals, insects or flowers, all elements of the natural world. It's amazing how many sizes postage stamps come in. Took me a while to lay them all out so that there weren't any big gaps. Doodled a bit and added a couple words.

This is the center spread. It looks smaller here but it's as tall as the other two pics and twice as wide. It's the top layer of a paper napkin that I got at the dollar store. They had a bunch of cool paper napkins the other day and I came home with 7 or 8 packs. Spent a fiddly hour taking apart all the layers of two each of the designs so I'd have some to work with and not have to stop each time I needed one. The quote is Ralph Waldo Emerson and I thought it was perfect for this. 

And this is the back. I was very pleased with this one. I knew I wanted to incorporate Mother Nature somehow and when I came across this model in her flowery dress in a Vogue or something, I knew I'd found her. I gave her a headband of flowers, cut various elements from a couple National Geos and glued it all down. Did a lot of gel pen work to liven things up. The background is acrylic and the shading was done with gelatos. 


  1. I'm the lucky recipient and am just blown away how beautiful this is! Your attention to detail is amazing. Thank you again, Leslie.

  2. Wow this is really cool Leslie - love it...

  3. I totally love this. Love the use of nature stamps. And the back page is dynamite!

  4. These are SO very cool! Just like the one I got from you, each page is it's own great idea and technique, but they all go together to form such a nice whole. Great collage work!