Thursday, April 3, 2014

MMSA transparent layers

Two of mine have a gelli print background, the third is a page from an old magazine. Then an overlay of gelli printed deli paper, and a final strip of a packing tape transfer of a phone book page. Added a little bit of doodling.

On the first one, the leaves were the only thing printed on the deli paper, so the turquoise background is showing thru.

On the second one, I cut around the hand before I glued it down, so you're seeing the background as is and also thru the unpainted areas of the hand.

On the third one, the silhouette of the girl was masked off when I gelli printed the page, so you see the old book page thru her.

I was surprised at how difficult the phone book paper was to rub off the tape. I do packing tape transfers a lot and by far the easiest to get really clean are glossy magazine images. They practically slide right off after they've been soaked a few minutes. Even after 10 minutes in water, I had to scrape with my fingernail just to get the phone book paper started, then rub like crazy for several minutes to get it all off. I like the way it looks but it was a pain.


  1. these are lovely. the phone book transfers are very cool, but who knew they would be so stubborn?