Tuesday, March 11, 2014

a few more postcards

I finished up a few more cards yesterday. I tend to work in batches. One evening I'll collage a bunch of backgrounds, then days later find an image that inspires me, then make some more backgrounds, then have a day where I sit down and try to find images that seem to go with backgrounds, etc. So I always have half-done cards laying on the table, waiting for further inspiration to strike or finishing touches to be added.

I like using gelli prints for backgrounds so the first two are from a batch of those. I found the image of the woman painted on brick before I found the postage stamp of the Roman fresco guy. Since they were facing opposite directions, they seemed to go together, even tho they're from vastly different eras in time. Looking at it now, it needs a bit more pen work, maybe some white, to perk it up a bit.

The one with the pens stamp has been laying around for months with only the pens stamped on it. Got that far and got completely stuck on what else to do. Then found 'many pens labored' in a book and glued that on. Then it sat for another couple months until the mail art creed 'send good mail' came to mind and seemed to fit. This one needs more work also.

I made another batch of backgrounds with various book pages on them, and had this picture of a girl ripped from a photo album. I thought about cutting her out from the scruffy edges but then decided I liked her just like that.

And so a few more cards get made, each with its own little story.


  1. I'm just the same way - backgrounds can sit around forever just waiting, and some things that I think are done suddenly don't look so done when I scan and post them. I love the simplicity of the last one, and love that you kept the tattered edges intact.

  2. Me too - I almost always have a stack in various stages of completion. Sometimes I just feel like making the random backgrounds and sometimes I feel like working on details and sometimes I just need to finish something! Then I spend an evening in front of the TV addressing and fine tuning a batch. I rarely make a card straight through start to finish......