Sunday, March 9, 2014

MMSA file folder swap

This was a fun one. You decorate a regular old manila file folder front and back, put some fun stuff inside, seal it shut somehow (I sewed mine), and send it off to Karen in an envelope. She's going to mail them back out. Luckily I have a wide mailbox so it'll fit no problem.

I started with a blue folder and a green one that I liberated from work. Collaged them with book text and various other old papers, then stenciled, collaged and doodled until I was happy with them. The stenciled sides are the reverse of each other cause I took my inky stencil and used it backwards on the other folder to use up the ink. Waste not, want not. Took me decades to understand what that meant. All those old expressions mystified me until I had enough life experience for them to make sense.

This is the one with the backward stencils. Used Dyelusions spray inks in blue, turq and purple.
Doodled a lot with a Scarlet Lime pen. Best pens in the world.
The solid black circles are a Bingo marker from the dollar store.

Other side of the one above. The stamp head person was a transfer failure that I couldn't bring myself to pitch, and thank goodness cause it fits the grungy feel of this project perfectly.
Gesso, gellied deli paper bits, silly bird stamp, doodles.

The original stenciled side. Bought all 3 of those in Niles last time I spent a day playing at Maria's studio.

And the back of the one just above.
Flower collaged from gelli print papers, gesso, misc bits stuck down here and there, doodles.


  1. I decorate and collage on folders, too!
    So COOL!!

  2. Hope I get one!! They are great!

  3. these are fantastic. I can't wait to feel all that texture. and I love using wet stencils as stamps too. this makes me want to pull out my spray inks.