Friday, March 7, 2014

I finally finished a few things

Seems like I've been endlessly working on things but never finishing anything. This is partly due to having a couple ongoing projects on my work table - my Documented Life journal and another one I can't remember right now - and partly due to the fact that I do indeed start more than I finish, being a confirmed "works in progress" girl. 

But I did get a few postcards done the other day. For those of you who signed up to follow me recently and are rethinking that decision, DON'T LEAVE! I do post original art more often than not. Just not lately, it seems.

These are up for swaps so if one of them grabs you, let me know by email or in the comments and we'll do it.

This one and the one below are done on a background that I no longer remember how I did it. The surface is very smooth, like maybe it was paint on a magazine page rubbed in well with a baby wipe. (?)  But I kinda like the result. Too bad I can't replicate it...
Doodled paisley and ribbon because I was in doodle mode and had no other ideas.

Doodled flowers for same reason as above. Plus I'm trying to learn to doodle. It comes naturally to most people, I think, judging by the endlessly filled pages that people come out of boring meetings with, but I just sit there and take notes. <sigh>

Large card with collaged gelli printed background and a pic of a kid eating snow. Good advice for you folks back in the new Siberia that is the eastern 2/3 of the USA.

Another collaged gelli background and same kid in the snow. Looking at this on the screen, I really like the gelli printed phone book page. The very small type just becomes scribbles when you put some paint on it and makes great backgrounds. If you're not using your old phone books in your art, you're missing a great paper resource.


  1. Love the background and the doodle on the second picture - beautiful!

  2. love this second one, and also the first, but think the second is super. Love what you have done with these!

  3. These are all great - I love the gelli backgrounds and I often resort to doodling when I'm not sure what else to add. I don't have a phone book in the house and haven't for years, but you're right, it makes a fabulous hide-n-seek background!