Sunday, March 2, 2014

incoming, batch 3 horses

More MMSA cards. What in the world would I do for fun mail if it weren't for her great swaps??

The blue horse is cut from sparkly embossed paper and glued to the painted card and it's all just lovely. The horse is so fanciful and the color contrasts are great. Thanks, Carroll! 

The black and white image of two wind blown horses looks like it's from an old book, and the contrast against the colorful hand painted card is cool. Thanks, Dawn!

This one is very Byzantine with its gold flecked curlicue background paper, knightly stamps, and baroque horse image. The horse and the card are edged in gold, altho it doesn't show in the scan. I like the subdued palette. A very pretty card from Rose. Thanks!


  1. Cool, I like the b/w images. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great cards - I got one of Carroll's too and the texture on the horse was so cool - maybe some kind of embossing?

  3. Lindas tarjetas, el caballo azul me encantó.
    Saludos desde Chile