Monday, March 24, 2014

incoming ATCs

 Stamp heads have taken over! Postcards, ATCs, journal pages - they're everywhere!! Including here, where I received one from Connie and two from an MMSA swap.

Also received a lovely bird themed ATC in a trade with Carolyn (IG name @cfalbro). She does a lot of swaps on Instagram, a thing I had not thought of until I ran across her.

This one is Connie's. She posted a bunch of ATCs on her blog
and the Sun-Maid guy just grabbed me.
I commented how cool I thought he was
and he showed up in the mail a few days later.
Thanks, Connie!

These two are from the MMSA swap - Michele in VA's on top,
Pamela's on the bottom, along with the cute little envelope it came in.
Both of them are great examples of the genre.
A serene bird ATC from Carolyn.
Love the frayed cheesecloth. 


  1. Wow love all of these! Always gives me lots of ideas. Hoping my Junk Mail arrives soon!!!!

  2. That Sun Maid Stamp Head is so cool -- Connie rocks! And I'm glad you liked mine too....aren't Stamp Heads fun? I'm still making them....

  3. Yes - I'm seeing stamp heads everywhere and they're so darn clever. It seems such an easy thing but really there's some skill in getting the right head on the right body....I'm too lazy to hunt for the right combo to make really stellar pieces. your ATCs and particularly the one with cheesecloth. I have some sitting on my work table and it's been there for months and I just keep forgetting to try it. Now I'm inspired so let's see if I actually put it to some use!