Saturday, March 29, 2014

circles, blue, one word

That was the theme for my latest postcard swap with Connie. As always, 
I'm intrigued with the differences between two cards made to the same parameters. We didn't use any techniques in common and our colors aren't particularly similar. Very fun.

Next we're doing 'neutrals'. Stay tuned...

This is the one Connie sent me. Torn, collaged blue papers
with a few punched circles and the single word "graphic'.
The post office kindly added the black smudges in the center. 

I sent this one to her. Scraped paint background with various
white stamped circles and the lettered word 'concentric'.


  1. Love these two - you're right, it's so great to see different interpretations of the same theme. You guys do good work! :)