Monday, March 24, 2014

Peggy's purple and green

When Karen announced the purple and green postcard swap, I thought to myself "eh" and didn't make any cards for it. Then she began posting the incoming cards and of course there were several that looked great and so I briefly regretted not entering.

Then what should arrive in the mail but a close cousin to one of the cards I'd admired - a doodled and colored flower card from Peggy, a member of the art journal round robin that wrapped up not long ago. (That I still haven't posted about yet. I'm not sure when I developed such a lazy blogging habit but I think that two weeks I spent at the kitchen table making art and watching the Olympics broke my habit of sitting down at the computer every day. I'm on the puter constantly at work and sometimes when I get home, it's the last thing I feel like doing. I finally cleaned the kitchen table off but then junked it up again with new projects. Thank God we rarely eat at the table.)

Anyway, back to Peggy's lovely card. She used a mint green with the purple and it's so pretty. It makes for a softer feel than grass or lime green. She also used silver, and left lots of white, which gives it a light airy feel. I love intricate doodles, something I rarely have the patience for, so it was a pleasant surprise to receive her card. Thanks, Peggy!