Sunday, March 2, 2014

incoming mail art, batch 1

Man, all that Olympics watching really put me behind, but it's all over for another two years so I'm back at the keyboard again. Lots of fun incoming mail art to show you, plus some of my own work. First up are misc cards sent to me for reasons other than a swap of some sort.

Terrie, another mail art pal, and I swap cards regularly, and I recently got one of her lettered cards in exchange for, um..., I guess I don't remember exactly what it was for. Maybe a stamp head ATC. I'd not heard this saying before and I quite like it. Thanks, Terrie!

When Connie posted a bunch of stamp head ATCs, I admired the Sun-Maid Raisin ones and the next thing you know, one shows up in the mail. Thanks, Connie!
I always used to think it said 'puffed seeded muscrats' when I was a kid. 

The gorgeous envelope that matches the ATC. Too fun. I'm going to tear it up and collage with it. Never used to be much of a purple person but like it much more the past several years.

A charming card sent to me by Pamela while she was at Ex Postal Facto, the mail art event held in San Francisco in the middle of Feb. Look at that ornate mail box, and his little basket of mail is too cute.

The back of Pamela's card is every bit as fun as the front. All sorts of stamps and stickers. I really enjoyed this card. Thanks, Pamela!

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  1. Yep, we traded lettering for a stamp head p/c. Glad you enjoyed it....