Monday, April 29, 2013

childhood revisited

I took apart an old photo album the other night. Nostalgic work that got under my skin a bit so today I chose a few photos and made journal pages with them, the original images. 

I didn't scan them first because I want them used up. I'm not much of a navel gazer so not sure what's going on in my head but I knew I didn't want them in the computer, lurking around for the rest of my life.

I tore the edges off most of them, saving just the story telling part, drawing on them, covering parts of them with other elements.

They don't feel like keepsakes to me, and I enjoyed using them like this. I expect I'll fill a whole book with them till this is out of my system. But I'm definitely a person who tends to look back not forward, so it may take a few journals worth to scratch this itch.

The backgrounds were already there, I just flipped thru the pile of pages till I found one that I liked with the image.

Stuck everything down with gloss gel medium cause I'm almost out of matte, then added paint, gesso, colored pencils, lettering, doodles - whatever came to mind. 

I did these without thinking too hard about it, just worked back and forth among them until I felt 'done'.

All gelli print backgrounds, except the top one which was spray inks.

I like the bottom two best, and the cat wrangler best of all. I was 4 in that picture and have no recollection of the day.


  1. I was thinking I like the bottom two best as well. I like the softness of the colors, especially in the 3rd one.
    The funny thing about being young and holding cats -- I gotta find one of me I have maybe at age 3 holding a huge cat, guess that is what little girls did! LOL

  2. What a great use for old photos that you can't quite throw away...I just may have to copy this idea. BTW - thanks for the visit and comment on my doodles - they were a fun and totally relaxing way to pass some quiet evenings...somehow at home I never get around to doodling (maybe cuz the TV is always on in the evenings :)) I love your blog and enjoyed reading back through your recent posts.