Monday, April 22, 2013

RED swap

MMSA is having a RED swap, so I paged thru a few magazines until I had a pile of RED stuff, then got to work.

Added a bit of paint and then gesso pounced thru stencil waste, doodled a little and called them finished.

Not much more to say about these except they're done. RED just isn't my color. I don't think I have a stitch of it in the house anywhere and I own only 1 RED piece of clothing - a sweater I wear only at Christmas. Mr. OneWomansHands looks good in RED cause he has dark-brown-might-as-well-be-black hair and the right skin color.

Why would I even enter a swap where I don't like the main thing about it? Well, I just like working to prompts because my own head seems to be mostly empty of ideas lately. Once prompted I can do a mildly creative job, but I mostly need to be kick started by someone else.

Which is fine.

1 comment:

  1. I like swaps for the exact same reason - it gives me the kick I need to get stuff done. and I'm not a red person either - I rarely use it in my art, and don't have a single stitch of red clothing. Nice job working through your dislike of the color - the cards are really fun.