Monday, April 22, 2013

Fresno journal spread, sheep, ice cream

While cleaning my art desk the other day, I came across all the junk ephemera I'd gathered up in Fresno, and thought I'd better do something with it to commemorate a fun weekend. An hour later this journal spread was done. 

Gelli print backgrounds, altho nothing's left of the right hand background.

On the right side - I bought a deck on vintage Flinch cards in the original box ($2 - SCORE!) at the Mennonite quilt auction and tore one of the "3" cards up since there were 3 of us amigos. Added bits of brochures, a few choice words.

On the right are some of the more interesting artists' cards I picked up when we gallery hopped on Thursday evening. Fresno has a First Thursday Art Hop and altho it took us a while to actually find any galleries (faulty map reading on my part), we eventually saw a lot of cool stuff.

The next pic is the inside of a brick water tower that's now a store that sells a variety of pieces by various artists. I bought a mug.

While walking to what we thought were galleries, we passed a cool old Art Deco theater, The Crest. 

Also drove by a field full of more sheep than I've ever seen in one place. All milling about and eating down the stubble. Kris was fascinated so we sat there for a while on the side of the road watching them while they watched us. Wouldn't have noticed them at all except we made a left turn when we should have made a right and had to make a u-ey to fix it.

Then... then... for dinner we had ginormous ice cream sundaes at Superior Dairy in Hanford. They were huge and delicious. For dinner.

Fresno, I think you used 
to be the murder capitol of California or something equally awful but we had a great time. 


  1. Cool cards and love the windows! There is a Crest Theater (also old timey) here in Sac too... and oh my! Those ice creams! Now THAT's a dinner! LOL

  2. Oh goodness the sundae would put me in diabetic shock LOL - sounds like a wonderful day

  3. Sometimes it's nice to get a little lost - that theater is gorgeous, and I'm awfully fond of sheep. Ice cream for dinner makes it the best day ever.

  4. Wow! What Sundays!!!!! They look just the job! :)