Monday, April 1, 2013

painting colors challenge

I forget exactly how we got started on this but we decided to choose a famous painting and do something with the colors in it. After looking at way too many paintings, we chose The Luncheon of the Boating Party by Renoir. The book by the same name is a fictionalized account of how it came to be painted and is a fun read.

Rhonda stopped by Home Depot one day and grabbed a bunch of paint chips, then we narrowed it down to 5 colors, plus black and white.

Then we ground to a halt and neither of us did anything with it for a couple months, mainly because we hadn't set enough guidelines, I think. When she was here on Sunday, we decided simply to each do a journal page in those colors.

I was in the mood this evening after our early lamb chop dinner and got mine done. Scraped blue paint with a credit card for the background. Dug thru my box of misc collage stuff for mulberry paper in a couple of the colors, found a quote I liked, some eyes, a few 1" punched circles and went to work.

Someone whose blog I follow (too lazy to go look thru the list of 80 blogs) uses quinacridone / nickel azo gold to great effect in their work, so while at Michael's the other day, I picked up a bottle. It wasn't marked, but the large bottle was $20 so I knew it wouldn't be cheap. Got to the register, the girl scans the little 1oz bottle and exclaims, "Oh my god! It must be marked wrong!"

No, I said, it's just very expensive and handed her my 50% off coupon. So far I've used about 3 drops of it here and there and am learning how it works. Great accent color. I used it on this page as the centers of the circles on the green strip of gelli print toward the bottom.

By the time Steve got back from his coffee-and-reading-in-the-car run, I was done. I handed it to him and his eyes went immediately to the only thing on the page that made any sense to him.

"Uh... I like the stamps."


  1. OK now I know what to bring you next time I visit! I have a ton of postage stamps! LOL Love your page... now to work on mine soon!

  2. great idea for a color challenge!

  3. I know someone like your Steve! I think you did a marvelous job here. I love this sort of collage/journal page.xx

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