Monday, April 1, 2013

play day

inchies and resulting waste
which is every bit as cool as the inchies
Artsy friend Rhonda came to play yesterday. A few days ago, when I first suggested Sunday, she replied, "So you don't have any Easter plans either, huh?" Cracked me up.

gellied brown coffee filter
sticker sheets 
She brought along her latest toy, a Silhouette Cameo, which cuts designs from paper, vinyl, etc. You can make your own designs, duplicate them all over a page, remove portions of them, all sorts of cool stuff. I was impressed with the software, and once I got my head into it, I thought of all sorts of things I'd like to try.

Long story short - I ordered the smaller size Silhouette Portrait before Rhonda even made it back to her house, a little over an hour away. 

stamped with large bubble wrap
(the stamping is more orange than red)
more large bubble wrap - love this one
While jabbering away at each other like we do when she first arrives each time, we got the bright idea to cut out sticker paper so it would be all ready to just stick onto something, no glue required. Of course, we wanted something on our stickers so out came the gelli plates and we spent a couple fun hours cranking out gelli prints. 

Then we whacked several of them up into inchies which are fun for collage but the "waste" grid that's left is also cool.
stamped with bottom of tray that held markers

Marvelous day with a fun friend! Thanks for making the drive, Rhonda.

However, have you noticed the trend at work here? 

used Rhonda's leaf stencil as a mask
over a few layers of gelli printing
Rhonda shows up with her gelli plate, I order one five minutes after she leaves. 

Rhonda shows up with a Silhouette, I order one 5 minutes after she leaves. 

I expect my husband is hoping she'll leave all her cool new stuff at home next time she visits. 

random gelli print - lots of layers here

one of the stencils Rhonda made

yet more large bubble wrap


  1. Cool stuff L and yes I had noticed a trend LOL....

  2. Too much fun!!! Oh and I get my own label now! *grin*
    Ok I promise not to bring anything expensive next time! I love how your pages photographed. I still have to scan or photograph mine...
    How was the Peeps? LOL

  3. That sounds like the best of days!