Sunday, April 14, 2013

journal pages from Fresno

Old bit of journal page, leftover grid from cutting
out squares on Silhouette machine, strip of
woodworking clamp tape, book text.
I recently spent a few days in Fresno with a couple girlfriends. While there, we worked on art projects - they on making small intricate dolls, a la Salley Mavor, and me art journaling until I got the itch to make a doll also - and these are the pages I made.

I had limited supplies with me but Kris had brought a file folder of some things, so I rummaged thru and used some of her things in with mine. And Julie brought me an old shorthand book which I used some pages from.

The backgrounds were already gelli printed so I just added some ephemera and book text and called them done. They are a bit minimalist, reflecting my mood at the time (in the evenings around the little table in our motel room, after a long day of driving/museums/quilt auctions). I like them and may do more along these lines.

Some Neocolor II swirls, shorthand text,
torn handmade paper, strip of perforated
packing paper, book text.
The gelli print backgrounds are already pretty interesting, what with the tone-on-tone colors and the not-quite-covered areas and the grungy bits. Especially the grungy bits, actually.

My mom was always salvaging things and bringing home junk she'd find on the side of the road, and I've carried on the tradition as best I could within the limits of the size of my house and my husband's tolerance lol. So the whole shabby chic thing is still alive and well here at One Woman's Hands.

The pages are 5.5x8, from a Strathmore Watercolor Visual Journal that I took apart and have been printing on every time I get the gelli out. It's nice to be able to just grab a page that's ready to go when I get the urge to collage.

As you can see, I'm still totally hooked on turquoise. Love it with its complimentary color orange, and also with tan, rust, and gray. It's just a really good color.

Oddly, or maybe not, I don't have much of it in my home. I'm mostly shades of greens here - sage, celery, olive, moss, a bit of lime.

Neocolor II thru sequin waste,
gelli'd phone book pieces, key tag on a
bit of mulberry paper, words printed
on vellum, bit of gel pen doodling
around some orange Neocolor II dots.

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