Monday, April 22, 2013

pearl earring

I enjoy the book Girl With A Pearl Earring, and I think the painting is just lovely. How incredible it must be to wield a brush with that much talent. When a mailer from the de Young art museum in San Francisco arrived, I was pleased to see that they're having an exhibit that includes this painting. Not sure I'll be able to get to the museum but I knew I wanted to use the girl in a piece of art.

From all those gelli printing sessions, I have a pile of postcard-sized gelli printed cereal boxes on a shelf. I pulled them down and shuffled thru, auditioning the girl against various backgrounds until I found one I liked. (the back is Great Grains Cranberry Almond Crunch!)

The words had been sitting on my desk since I cut them from a page, just waiting for the right thing to come along. They're from the author's notes of Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson, a book I really enjoyed. (bought the large print edition in Fresno with the intention of cutting it up for collages, but got hooked and had to read it first)

The white leaf shapes are gesso pounced thru a stencil that I cut on my Silhouette. Added a few white dots, some ink scribbles. I quite like it and think it will go in a small frame and up on the wall.


  1. This looks lovely! the words are perfect!
    One of my favorite paintings- and books!

  2. Nice leaves! Glad to see you are enjoying your Silhouette!! This is a lovely card! Great colors!

  3. Love that quote, and loved that book. (though not as much as I loved the first three in the series, which I really, really loved). Beautiful card!