Friday, April 12, 2013

MMSA outgoing postcards

Two for the pink swap and two for Lee's collage sheet swap.

For Lee's, you could use only the elements on the collage sheet she provided, so I printed it a few times at two different sizes and went to work.

The definition "in abundance" (small white rectangle) inspired both of these as I used the girl more than once on each. Did misc machine stitching on them as they looked a bit plain to me when I was done collaging.

The top card has "Alice" stitched on one girl and "twice" on the other. Alice, twice. Get it? Anyway, I like both of them and can't wait to see what other people do with the exact same elements.

The background is kraft card stock stitched around the edge tpo a piece of white card stock to hide the other stitching and give me a place to write.

The pink ones are mostly scrapbook paper backgrounds except for a bit of painted paper bag on the first one. The various elements are from magazines, sometimes as is, and other times I cut petals from a pink item. Got going on flowers because of the hat, i guess. Plus it's spring (more or less) so I'm seeing flowers everywhere.

 A couple bits of old large-print book text, some stitching, a few doodles.

The card I got back in the green swap were great, so I'm looking forward to the pink returns.

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