Sunday, February 10, 2013

crazy train - Jan 2013 ROC prompt

Playing along with Roc's prompts again this year. I'm always a month or so behind so I just finished January's spread today, the theme of which was 'what personal goals would you like to have this year?'

I love the wording here. Not what goals would you like to accomplish, but which ones would you like to have? Well, I'd like to have the goals to be skinnier, and to retire sooner. I'd like to move back to San Diego. I'd like to find an art journal group that wasn't an hour or more away.

However, those are mostly not going to happen, because I'm not a magician. Well, except maybe the first one, but that would require fewer cookies and more exercise so I think I'm good, thanks. Something that I'd like to accomplish in 2013 is to make more art. I have the time - an hour or so most evenings and one weekend day - but I while it away cruising thru all the wonderful stuff on Al's internets. Art blogs. Dog blogs. Garden blogs. Horse blogs. Chicken blogs. Tutorials for the art I'm not making. Really neat acrobatic vids on YouTube.

I'm working in the journal I made for the purpose and I started out by putting down some layers of paper napkins I liked. Then began doing some lettering because something else I want to work on is my lettering. Or lack of, actually. I letter in one style and one style only and I need to break out! Add to the repertoire! But just doing the lettering for the spread about lettering depressed me so much that I glued some gelli printed paper on top of it and started over. Only this time, I grabbed a photo I'd torn from an art book a few days earlier, simply because I liked it. Tore it in thirds and the rest happened without any further input from me.

The journaling reads:
 "Am I the crazy person jumping off the building, taking chances? Or am I the sane normal one dutifully pedaling off to work? (I'm quite sure I know the answer to that)  Please punch my ticket to the crazy train!"

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