Monday, February 25, 2013

LL201 lesson 5

What's this - my fourth post today? Can you tell my husband's out of town?? Haven't done a lick of housework so tomorrow morning will be a flurry of dishes, laundry folding/putting away, etc. 

Altho today I did repot the front planters with flowers, so that counts, right?

Struggled making this look like a collage. All the words are supposed to touch, and Joanne's sample is all filled in and co-joined, etc, while mine looks like a crossword puzzle gone bad. Too all-lined-up, altho looking at it small here in the post editor, it looks somewhat better. 

All the words are from a list of the most beautiful words in the English language. Love the way some of them roll off the tongue. Word candy.

But this is my 3rd try at it and I'm calling it a day and going up to read in bed with hot chocolate, a cookie, and the dog, and maybe the cat if she's feeling sociable. The bird's already in bed. Night.

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