Sunday, February 3, 2013

yellow postcards

Made a couple cards for MailMeSomeArt's current theme. 

It took me a long time to realize why I like postcards so much, but it's a simple reason: they have a finite amount of writing space. 

When I would start a letter on stationary, it seemed like I would never be finished cause there was always another sheet of paper on the box. So I'd run out of things to say or my hand would get tired or I'd have to stop to make dinner, and then the letter never got done. 

With a postcard, you have only the space on the back. Period. Then you're done and can resume your life. 

Once I switched to postcards, I became a better corespondent. Not good, but better.


  1. so true, so true. I always think I want to write letters, but in reality, I really just like postcards. Love the stitching on your bottom card!

  2. These are really cheerful and would be great fun to see in the mailbox! I'm super long winded so I think post cards, status messages, and twitter are a great opportunity for me to learn how to keep it short.:) Having a great time painting! Wish you were here!

  3. I'm trying to write a card or letter every day, so tell me how much I love postcards! I haven't made the actual commitment to writing that much, but I'm working on it. Your cards would be a pleasure to receive.